Keynote Speaker in the 3º Workshop in Complex Energy Systems, CES 2018

Invited by Dr. Rodrigo Moreno (University of Chile), Alexandre Street (PUC-Rio), Goran Strbac (Imperial College) and Daniel Kirschen (University of Washington) are the Keynote speakers of the 3º workshop in Complex Energy Systems (CES 2018), that will be held in Santiago, Chile, on November 22, 2018. Click on the link to open the Workshop Website.

The main objective of Dr. Moreno with this workshop is to present to the chilean electricity industry and academic community the new advances and innovative practices in power system operations and planning under high renewable integration. He organized a series of talks and panels to cover relevant and timely topics with local and international experts of the field. The primary theme is the optimal balance between flexibility and robustness in the planning level to ensure an economical and resilient operation under high uncertainty levels in both long and short term horizons.

Workshop Chile 2018