Compilation of opinion pieces on energy policies focused on electric power market and operations by Alexandre Street

Since 2014, Prof. Alexandre Street has been publishing opinion pieces concerning the Brazilian electrical power sector. He, as well as LAMPS in general, believes that the constant exchange between industry and academia is crucial to a solid and efficient electrical system, one that is capable of adapting to ever-changing reality. The projects our lab traditionally develops reflect this belief. Bringing his opinion, formed over years of experience in developing state-of-the-art research for the power sector, is one of various ways by which Alexandre Street, coordinator and one of the creators of LAMPS, seeks to impact reality and collaborate with the development of Brazilian society.

It is worth mentioning that the following articles were published on Brazilian high-circulation periodicals and are available only in Portuguese.

Prof. Alexandre Street, André Gutierrez, Prof. Davi Valladão, Erica Telles, Guilherme Bodin e Pedro Leite, “Quantificando os Efeitos da COVID-19 no Consumo de Energia Elétrica Brasileiro”, Canal Energia, Maio 2020. [Download]

“As novas componentes do preço da energia elétrica de 2021”
Valor Econômico, 14/04/2020. Download do [PDF]

“O mercado elétrico e a reestruturação institucional”
Valor Econômico, 31/01/2019

“Métricas de avaliação e monitoramento”
Canal Energia, 15/01/2019

“Preços horários: oportunidades e desafios”
Canal Energia, 21/02/2018

“A bem-vinda revisão do método de cálculo da energia elétrica”
Valor Econômico, 01/09/2016

“Hora de rever a operação e expansão do setor elétrico”
Valor Econômico, 27/11/2015

“A crise energética de 2015”
Valor Econômico, 24/02/2015

“Um problema de gestão da água”
O Globo, 14/10/2014

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